Corporate Profile

CEIEC was founded in April, 1980. With years operation of honesty and diligence, CEIEC has built wide-ranged cooperation relationships with more than 160 countries and regions, and has made great contribution to the reforms and Opening-up of China and to the development of Chinese electronics industry.

CEIEC is honorably entitled to a number of A-grade certificates of world trade, international engineering, tendering, exhibition and advertisement. By the end of 2017, CEIEC’s total assets and sales revenue has respectively reached RMB 19.59 billion and RMB9.37 billion.

CEIEC’s strategy is focusing on the following four “integrations”: defense electronics system integration, public security Integration, overseas engineering integration, business solutions integration.


Defense electronics system integration mainly involves the import and export of electronics equipment of national defense. CEIEC has developed the manifold ability in design, integration, and construction of national defense electronics system. With the efforts of CEIEC, China Electronics R&D Center for Overseas Project was founded in 2009. The Center is playing an important role in the design and integration of top-level defense electronics system, and specialized in comprehensive product test, collaborative test of large scale systematic projects, research and production of core software and equipment, and training of high level technicians.

Public security integration is the strategic focus of CEIEC responding to the developing international anti-terrorism demand. Digging into the new trend of public security, CEIEC has developed strong research and production capability, and customized public security and protection system for customers by integrating advanced public security idea, emergency and disaster prevention theory model, cloud-based technology and overseas engineering experiences. The projects in Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia, highly approved by the President and local people, have won good reputation for CEIEC.

Responds to the call of “going out strategy” of the state, CEIEC started its overseas engineering business. With years of efforts, CEIEC has developed integrated capacity in engineering planning, designing and supervising, procurement of complete equipments, and project construction and management in the fields of energy development, recreational and exhibition equipment, water supply and sewage treatment, industrial equipment installation, agriculture development and TV & broadcast. From 2008 to 2015, CEIEC has been listed for many times as one of the top 225 International Contractors by ENR.

Business solutions integration is the joint business of exhibition and advertisement, modern logistics, tendering, and world trade. By providing integrated and tailor-made solutions to the customers, the operation efficiency in different links of commodity circulation could be upgraded simultaneously, and the win-win situation could be achieved.