Social Responsibility

CEIEC has created great wealth for the country and society with its revenue keeping increasing to ¥44.1 billion in 2014 since foundation.

At the same time, CEIEC never forgets its role as a state-owned enterprise: creator of national wealth and representative of the benefit of Chinese people. CEIEC is not just making profits, but also focuses on making contributions to the society by strengthening the national finance through tax payment and giving a hand to people who need help. CEIEC has supported the construction of two Hope primary schools and helped establish a primary school library by donating books. China Electronics Shenzhen Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of CEIEC, also supported the construction of 3 electric pumping stations, which has solved the difficulties in water consuming and well promoted the development of local water conservancy work.

Every time when major natural disaster happens, CEIEC is among the first ones to donate money and materials to help disaster-affected people out of difficulties and rebuild their homeland. Besides, CEIEC also devotes into the cause of poverty alleviation by donating to Xinjiang Aiding Fund and providing a helping hand to people in underdeveloped areas. With all of these efforts, CEIEC has well fulfill its social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise.